Frequently Asked Questions

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We have complied a list of frequently asked questions. Some of them may be of use to you.

Q. What is the fastest way to get to the login page of the website I am after?

There are two ways. You could select the category from the right hand side based on the starting alphabet and navigate to page you are after. The second (fastest method) is simply by visiting the search page –
Enter the starting three characters of the website you wish to login and we’ll show you the most relevant results. You can then select from the list and find the link that is most relevant to your needs.


Q. I am a Webmaster. How can I recommend a link for your website?

Please use the “Suggest Link” page to send us your link details –
We manually review all links before adding it to our website. The review time is usually 2 business days.

Q. How can I get my link removed for your site?

We have taken utmost care in ensuring the quality of external links posted on this website. However, if you find want your link to be removed, use the form here – The requests will be actioned within 2 business days.

Q. Why does your site display links to 10 website when in fact there is only one direct login/sign in page?

We get this query often. In most cases, the direct login link will appear as the 1st result and is based on the search keyword. The other 9 links are out there for more troubleshooting if you have forgotten your password/username or having other issues.

Q. How is the data for each of the 10 links selected? Is it from Meta description field?

Picking the data from meta description field would have been a much easier. Unfortunately, most websites no longer have this field. And even when they do, it is stuffed with a lot of keywords. We have tried to pick 2-3 lines randomly within the page, which is related to the login.

Q. The three related pages displayed below the 10 results are not related to what I want to see. Can there be a better display of the similar posts?

We understand this problem. Unfortunately, we show posts based on category that contain all posts under the staring alphabet. If you wish to find a post that you are looking for, the best option would be is to search from the top of the page or simply do the search from the dedicate search box page –

Q. Does this site use cookies?

Yes. Please read our privacy policy here –

Q. Some page titles don’t have the correct grammar. Are they not reviewed?

This has been intentionally done. We have tried our best to match the keywords to the page title through search so that users get to find the login page quickly.

Q. What was the motivation behind login search?

We have always wanted to have a service that helps users to get to their login page quickly. While most popular websites such as google, facebook, yahoo among other big companies make it easier through their excellent user interface, it can be a problem with smaller less known websites. We don’t claim that its hard to find, while it is going to cost you a little extra time search for the login/troubleshooting links. This website has listed over 11,500 most commonly searched login terms for your convenience.

Q. Can I access the login search using a desktop shortcut?

Yes. We have created a shortcut file that directly takes you to the search page. Please download the zip file here – . Remember to extract this on to your desktop for quick access.

Q. I have a question that is not listed here. How can I contact you?

Please use the form in the contact us page –